Tuesday 26 February 2013

Musings from February

Hello Darlings. It has been a few weeks since I last posted and so I apologise, I'm not used to being so busy. Yet I feel very inspired to get back to posting again!
Here are a few pictures from the past weeks

A couple of weeks ago I got to visit the wonderful Brighton. I had never ever been before so I was so excited. I only got to stay for a few hours but I got to see many of the wonderful shops & people.

I visited the lovely DollyDagger boutique and had a fitting, which was so much fun! I think there is not one dress that I do not love from DollyDagger - the material and fit are perfect for a dress that will forever be in your wardrobe. I can't wait to show you the dress I picked for myself!

After modelling at the Pure Trade Show for DollyDagger, I have been getting more requests to model for different photographers and companies which is so exciting for me! I'm always so flattered when people want to take my photograph, as when I was at school I was never considered 'pretty' or 'popular'. Therefore I'm very humble and I hope that I can help inspire other people, not to listen to what anybody else says - it's about how you feel about yourself. 

My hair is finally growing so I have been adjusting my hairstyles. Here are my curls worn quite looser than usual. It's a very simple and easy style to achieve!

Much Love Demi xx


  1. your hair looks amazing, I love the colour! the picture in the blue dress is so pretty, and I cant wait to see the dollydagger dress you picked! exciting stuff!! xx

  2. Oh, Brighton is one of my absolute favourite places in England! I've been a couple of times and have always found something new there, though I tend to come back with a significantly emptier bank account.....
    Your hair looks really lovely in loose curls like that :)

    Mary xx

  3. It's official, you are my hair role model! Beautiful!