Sunday 3 February 2013

Lighten Up

Hello sweeties, I hope you have all had a wonderful week! My week had been spent lightning my hair, if I honestly knew how long it was going to take I think I would have left my hair black! However, I do love a change in hair colour once in a while and I'm feeling quite happy with the results. I wanted to go for a lighter tone so It would lift & brighten my face a little - which will be great for Spring/Summer.
I had a Brunette colour in mind but with a hint of red so here is how it turned out!

I thought I would give this chance to show off my beautiful Charity Shop find for just £4.50. I'm in love with this blue floral vintage dress.

Sorry for the short but sweet post! I'm visiting Brighton and Norwich within the next week so I can't wait to post what I get up to! 
Lots of love Demi xxx


  1. Beautiful, beautiful dress! I've always wondered about dying my hair black but am too scared of what the lightening process would do to my hair :(

  2. Beautiful! Your hair looks fabulous and that dress is just adorable!

  3. I can't get over how different your face looks when you have your hair straight! Still beautiful as ever though! The lighter hair colour really suits you and I'm sure it will look great in the warmer days. The dress is great too!

  4. I had to go through the process of getting my hair light after years of dying it black!
    I used two packets of Colour B4 extra strength and two ombre kits to get where I am now! :)
    Your hair looks gorgeous straight!

  5. That dress :O !!!! I love the lighter hair color, suits you and the new dress ;)

  6. I love your new hair color, it looks great!


  7. I like your new hair color. That dress is PERFECT!


  8. lovely new hair colour and i adore your little vintage dress from the thrift store. great find.