Tuesday 12 March 2013

Norwich Fashion Week.

For months I had been so excited for Norwich Fashion Week, as I was given the wonderful opportunity to model for the Fabulous Miss K! 
The Old Hollywood Fashion show was the first peek at Fabulous Miss K's collection and oh my every single piece is beautiful! 
I managed to get a cheeky picture of me in the dress and I have also found a few lovely photo's, taken by photographers. All credit is listed underneath. 

Taken from Vintage Norwich

Taken from Joe Black Photography 
There is also a small piece here 

I has such a wonderful time and I feel so lucky to have modeled such a beautiful dress! I have to thank the super lovely & beautiful Abi Gray for giving me the opportunity to model, you can find her blog here . I also thank the very multi talenetd Missy Vintage, who styled my hair so wonderfully. You can also find her here 

Much love Demi xxx


  1. You look beautiful! That dress is amazing.
    What an amazing opportunity - they picked the right person :) x

  2. You look so beautiful! Congratulations! :) x

  3. Oh my goodness my lady you looked beautiful in that dress with your epic eyes and shoes! Must feel wonderful being in a fashion show and getting to strut your stuff on the catwalk, especially in epic vintage inspired clothing! Glad you had fun, you look lovely!

    Peace and love and good luck with life


  4. How fantastic - looks like it was lots of fun!

  5. Aww you look lovely! :)
    I helped out at the Norwich Fashion Lanes show this week!

  6. You look so stunning, Demi!!!! I adore your shoes and that snood hairstyle suits you so much!! Absolutely beautiful and so elegant!!!! <3 xxxxxxxxx

  7. Such a gorgeously lovely, feminine ensemble. I adore every last element, from the row of buttons on the front of the dress to the timelessly charming snood. You look terrific, dear gal!

    Wishing you a fantastic St. Patrick's Day!
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Well you'd set your hair so perfectly, that my job was super easy! ;) You looked beautiful. I expected you to be taller but you are just adorably petite. Thanks so much for the lovely write up and link. I've just seen how many followers you have on instagram - you are taking the world by storm with your style. I'm not sure how old you are Demi, but you are a classy style ambassador for young women! (that make me sound about 100!) ;) xx