Wednesday 23 January 2013

It's in the eyes

This week I have been experimenting more with eye make up, particularly with eyeliner. I have always been quite cautious of what make up I wear around my eyes, as I worry that it may not flatter! 
As Elizabeth Taylor is one of my style icons and an utter goddess, I took inspiration from her stunning eyes.

Inspiration: Elizabeth Taylor 

Beautiful outlined eyes.

This is my take on the style:
For this I used a black liquid eyeliner by MAC. 
I started by the top inner corner of my eyelid and slowly flicking out towards the brow line. 
I then faintly started on the outer corner of the bottom lid and went inwards - as close to the lash line as possible! To join the two, connect the two inner and outer corners together, which i have done on the bottom picture! 
Tip: White eyeliner along the waterline helps to widen and brighten the eyes.

Lately I have been getting questions about my eyebrows. I'm always trying to aim for perfection with my brows and that's still something I'm trying to do! My eyebrows are naturally very light and thick so once a week I pluck them to keep them neat and free from strays! I shape and fill my brows in with an eyebrow pencil by Max Factor, I always start from the inner corner and work outwards. I always follow my natural eyebrow shape but exaggerate my arch with a slight point! When I do find the perfect product for my eyebrows I do promise to make a tutorial!

Much Love Demi xxx


  1. <3 <3 You always have such a beautiful hair :)

  2. How do you always look so perfect goddammit?!
    You actually have a look of Liz.
    If you ever get tired of your hair or face, I will happily borrow them for the day - just so you know :) x

  3. Você tem os traços da Dita *_*

  4. Beautiful, love your eye make up it really makes your eyes stand out. You know I have hair and brow envy ;)

    Katy xox


    P.s. will you be blogging when you get your Betty blues loungerie baby doll from moi!

  5. Thank you for sharing the tips sweet lady! Your eyebrows look wicked cool and defined like those of Liz, man
    what a great woman to pick for inspiration :) Whenever I look at your blog I feel like just trying on some make up
    and singing old 1940's songs ahahh ^_^. I wish I could apply my makeup like you one day :) My boyfriend gets mad
    when I put it on, but it's still a frivolous fun part of womanhood :)
    Thank you for your posts!

    Peace and love!