Thursday 3 January 2013

Happy 2013!

Hello sweethearts. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year spent with your loved ones! I apologise for the lack of posting the last few weeks of December, I had come down quite ill a couple of times but thankfully I'm much better now. 
I'm excited for this new year - I have a few plans in place and I'm going to make this year the best yet! 
I received some lovely gifts this Christmas that I'm going to share in this post - I can tell that my family and friends do know me very well. 

Cath Kidston Floral Mug and Teapot shaped Tea Strainer - So wonderful I adore Cath Kidston & for so long I have wanted a Tea Strainer, you can really taste the divine difference.

Christmas time - I was loving glitter & sparkles. This dress is actually one of my sisters from Ark.

Three new wonderful books that I'm so delighted with. Elizabeth Taylor, Vintage Style and Marilyn Monroe 50 Year Anniversary Book. The Vintage Style is excellent as it focuses on different Icons & how to achieve their looks! 

Hair Slide & Vintage Necklace.

 Me on Christmas Day - New hair slide & earrings, I love the glamour they add.

Diorific Lipstick in shade Marilyn - The most beautiful lipstick ever.

Miss Dior Perfume - The most sweetest beautiful scent, I honestly feel so divine when I wear this.

Me the past few weeks, I have been enjoying wearing different accessories in my hair from slides to scarves.

New Years Eve hairdo

Holly Willoughby Dress

Lots of love Demi xxx


  1. Love the presents you got for Christmas.
    Happy new year!

  2. Hi, I from Brazil. Your is beautiful. Kisses

  3. What wonderful gifts you got for Christmas lucky lady!! I adore the lipstick I think I will be grabbing myself one soon.

  4. The yellow dress is killer on you! x

  5. I love the teapot tea strainer, where is it from?
    Your hair slide looks gorgeous in :)

  6. Hi, you've been given an award! :)

    Find out more:

    xo Jessica

  7. Really beautiful presents, I love Miss Dior!

  8. That hair slide is to die for! I think I need a little more sparkle in my jewellery box.
    And I am soooooo jealous of your figure - a perfect hourglass! I wish I had a little more in the hip region so I could have that classic silhouette.
    Looking forward to seeing what your blog has in store for 2013 :) x