Saturday 15 December 2012

My everyday hair tutorial.

Good Evening! 
Whilst I rest on this Saturday night, as promised I've put together a small selection of pictures & tutorial for my daytime 1940s hairstyle. I hope this is some help for some of you that have asked. This is purely my way of doing this hairstyle yet everyone's hair reacts to different treatments/ways of rolling. 
Here below is how I usually like to wear my hair. I like this style because it can fit into a daytime or night time look - it also can look great with the curls left in or brushed out.
Word of warning - please excuse the quality of the pictures. I always roll my hair quite late at night and another note a few pictures down I'm wearing no lipstick (ah)! ..

Step 1: Wash hair and blow dry - it's fine to let it naturally dry also. Apply a mousse or setting lotion to help the curl stay longer. Make sure hair is tangle free and in a centre parting.

Step 2: Prepare your rollers - for this current style as my hair has grown I use the largest roller. I use round 16 of these large rollers but don't worry if you run out and have to use the size down. As you may know I like to use bendy rollers as they're much comfier to sleep in.

Step 3: I take around an inch section of hair for each roller and start at the front. Roll downwards and attach. Do the same for each section of hair.

Step 4: Follow this pattern from the front to back - do the same to the sides of the hair also. If you find you have smaller pieces of hair left over especially at the sides and back, just pop in a medium sized roller. It's okay to take your time! When all sections are rolled, just spray a little hairspray & pop on a headscarf - then sleep (or not)! 

Step 5: So you have woken up and you're ready to take out your rollers! Take all rollers out carefully, you may start to think that your curls look a little silly but don't fret it gets better! When all rollers are out, find a small tail comb if possible and part your hair to preferred parting - i like the side parting! When hair is parted start to brush your hair.

Step 6: As you start to brush your hair it may look a little frizzy but that's okay, brush to your desired effect. For this style I was brushing and altering for around five minutes.

Step 7: Eventually you should have your desired curls, you can brush for as long as you like - for example if you prefer a softer wave this would be achievable. To finish spray hairspray to keep your style intact for the day.

Past Examples :
Headscarf - this is a suitable way to keep your rollers intact and cosy for the night!

More ways of how i wear my hair -

I hope some of you found this post helpful.
Lots of love Demi xxx


  1. Lovely tutorial and beautiful pictures! After my recent venture with Heated rollers- I've been using them everyday, so I may give this a try so as to keep my hair from getting so much heat damage. Great post :)

  2. Great tutorial! I love reading your blog, and am definitely making it my new years resolution to spend more time on my hair and new styles!

    Check out the Christmas giveaway too (: !

  3. I love your curly hair routine! Where did you purchase your bendy rollers? I see so many but I never come across bendy ones! :)
    -Yelena xoxo

  4. Oh my god, it's so weird seeing you with straight hair!! It looks lovely straight though, I wish I could blow dry my hair so well.

  5. I know right? I think you're rocking that look to its full extent. :) I haven't had much time to really focus on a new look but with the help of hair salons adelaide I might just be able to pull it off soon enough. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Lovely tutorial! It seems easy enough, and you are very inspiringly beautiful. Thank you

  7. You look so beautiful! I'm obsessed with the 50s too and I'm having a vintage wedding in the next year, I can't wait :)


  8. i cant wait to get bendy rollers to star my own pin up look! and as before you are absolutely stunning!