Friday 2 November 2012

A week in the cold breeze

Hello darlings! This week has gotton ever so cold so in between of trying to keep warm, I was rummaging through some Charity Shops and found some beautiful finds! Inlcuding two Vintage evening bags possibly dated from the 1920s-1930s, perfect for me as I'm a avid handbag hoarder! 

Wrapping up warm in my 1930's Fur Coat, given to me from a friend of my Grandma's.  I'm so grateful, I now don't have to myself a new winter coat!

Above are my two evening bags. I can't believe they were just £5 each. A couple of weeks ago I was swooning for the one on the right, at the time it was £15. Sadly as the Retro Room has now gone many of the items had been sold or reduced! 

I have never came across a handbag like this one before, it's ever so delicate. This is going to look great on display on one of my dressing tables. The material is very thin and some inside is a little tatty and worn, yet I love the character it has to it.

This evening bag is the in the most divine condition with just a couple of sequins missing on the back. I just love sequins and small detailing like this bag has. It can make any cocktail dress look glamorous. I can see myself showing this bag off for possibly Christmas parties this season. I see so many copies of this style handbag on the high street, it's timeless.

My second find of this week was a silver plated dressing table set including a mirror, hairbrush and comb.  This set has really glammed up my dressing table. I will take some much better photographs of this set next week, I have already used the mirror for a photoshoot. 

Bargain High Street find. Some of you may know I work part time in Topshop, there are some pro's to working in a shop for example this one! I was just tidying away and found this gorgeous dress hid behind some others, looked at the price tag £65...did a sneaky price check and it was £30! This dress is much better quality than what I'm used to with Topshop, the material is very heavy like an original 1950s dress. I can't wait to take some photo's of myself in this one :)

Lastly I got asked by a very kind lady if she could photograph me today. I loved the sound of the photoshoot as it was street style inspired! I wore this original 1950s dress from Goldfinches and I can't wait to see the photo's from the shoot!

I hope you have all had a great week.
Lots of love Demi xxx


  1. Glad you've been doing more modelling, you beauty.
    The last dress is just beautiful!! xx

  2. Just found your blog - absolutely love it!
    You have a new loyal follower :) x