Wednesday 7 November 2012

Ruby Tuesday

Good Evening! 

I have quite a fascination with lipstick, of course red lipstick. Just having one is just not enough, I have a draw full. I have an everyday red, an evening red, a 'vampy' to a more delicate red. I think it's important to have a selection as you may think a red is just a 'red' but really there is such a difference. 
I wanted to go for a lipstick which more of a shine and a glossy look and so a came across Max Factor's Colour Elixir Lipstick in shade '715 Ruby Tuesday'. I could not help but be persuaded to buy this shade as I found out it was Marilyn Monroe's favourite shade and she herself Marilyn named the lipstick 'Ruby Tuesday'. Being a Marilyn lover of course I had to buy it.

The packaging is utterly gorgeous, the gold screams glamour!  You can see instantly the shine.

Looks very pretty on my dressing table.

This lipstick is easy to apply, it glides on well and makes my mouth feel very moisturised! I applied a couple of coats so the impact of colour was brighter.

Above with the lisptick having a few hours of wear, don't forget I drink many cups of tea and I found the colour stayed perfectly. :) This will now sit amongst one of my favourites! 
I would love to know if any of you have a favourite lipstick or stash a collection like myself? 
Demi xxx


  1. I have an obsession with buying lipsticks also! I have many different shades of red and berry colors but some of my favorites are Revlon Super Lusturious Lipstick in Really Red. A beautiful, matte vintage red and one from a very inexpensive brand in America called NYC and the color is Sheer Red. A beautiful berry, brown red!
    I hope I can somehow find this lipstick in America! I don't know a place that sells Max Factor but I am so eager to try it out now! It look stunning on you, Demi!

  2. Your makeup looks absolutely divine! I am loving shades of red at the moment - but for me the blue tones are the best.

  3. Oh I love red lipstick! I got an obsession for the Dita von Teeses lipsticks she produced with Artdeco. The texture is great and it stays many hours on the lips. Wonderfull!!!