Sunday 28 October 2012

My Wardrobe: Part 1

Each week I'm going to pick one of my favourite Vintage items to post on here. I'm personally always fascinated by other people's collections so I hope some of you enjoy mine.
This week is dedicated to my first 1940's dress that I owned.
Typically at first I was in love with the 1950s so I already had a few 1950's frocks but I find owning a 1940s piece totally different. Just the amount of history one dress can contain is wonderful..
I got this darling from Prim Vintage Fashion in Norwich, it's really one of my favourite shops. I absolutely love visiting the shop because the owners are so knowledgeable and helpful. Not also to mention that the pieces in their shop are divine. The reason I got this dress was to wear at a Pageant I entered at Twinwood Festival. I wanted to go for a authentic 1940s look and I found this dress perfect, I was convinced by the small details that makes the dress so classically beautiful!

Beautiful scalloping detail.

The dress is of course delicate but is in lovely condition .

Me in my dress at Twinwood Festival Miss Vintage Glamour Pageant with two very lovely contestants.This dress now holds many other memories!

 Until next time Demi xxx


  1. I love this dress! So beautiful! xx

  2. Such a lovely dress! I follow you on instagram and am so glad to have finally gotten to your blog!


  3. look so gorgeous! This is a wonderfully beautiful dress! I look forward to seeing many more lovely posts from you....