Wednesday 19 September 2012

Talk of the hair

I am forever experimenting with my hair. When I chose to fully have a Vintage style, I knew the hair was important therefore I'm always trying to discover new ways to roll my hair. I always look to some of my favourite Old Hollywood stars for hair inspiration, last year it was Rita Hayworth with red hair and very voluminous curls. I also tried the '1950s Set' inspired by the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. This time I wanted to go for something that can be played with so I've tried the very curly bob. This time I have been inspired by Hedy Lamarr and Paulette Goddard.

I find this style so easy to do. For me I use bendy foam rollers, which are ever so easy to sleep in. They can be purchased from almost everywhere but I found best on

I use the smallest size rollers for the front and top of my head, I also take quite small sections. For the remaining back and bottom I use the medium rollers, again in quite small sections. I always make sure that my hair is in a centre parting when doing so. If you ever find your hair hard to set, apply a generous amount of mouse beforehand or a setting lotion. I much prefer mouse. When you have rolled your hair, make sure to wrap on a headscarf it just helps to stop the rollers falling out, it's also a little more comfortable.
After a good nights sleep, remove the rollers carefully. The hair will still be in a centre parting which it can stay in or you can comb into a side parting, as I like to. When in a preferred parting a softly brush the curls for extra volume, I like to take caution to avoid any frizz. I finish with a generous amount of hairspray.

The great thing about this style as it looks fabulous with a hat.

This style can also be glammed up with a beautiful hairclip or comb. I chose my favourite hair feather for decoration. 

I would love to hear or see any of your favourite vintage hair styles! :)
Lots of love Demi xx


  1. Gorgeous doll! You have such beautiful hair! I haven't tried bendy rollers before, they're probably less time consuming than pin curls, I'll have a look for some!
    Lots of love darling! xx

  2. Love so much this hairstyle darling! :)

    With love,Mia

  3. Well hello there, beautiful version of Dita von Teese!!



  5. Even though your hair is flawless,It's very annoying that everytime I type in Paulette Goddard on Google images...Loads of your photos come up.