Thursday 4 October 2012

Tea & Dresses

This past week I had a wonderful start by buying some beautiful dresses & enjoying the most divine Tea! On Monday with my darling friend Anne, we went on a trip to Norwich and discovered the most wonderful Vintage Tea Room called 'Biddy's Tea Room' situated in the Lanes of the City. The whole tea room is decorated in gorgeous vintage cutlery and other cute trinklets with music playing in the really feel like you're in the 1940s. The menu has the most delicious looking cakes and every type of tea you could think of. Me and Anne decided to Lunch on the Afternoon Tea!

Afternoon Tea, containing: Finger Sandwiches, Crips with homemade coleslaw,  Scones with clotted cream & Jam. Plus a Pot of Tea. 

Delicious Pot of tea, with the most lovely vintage teacups.

Anne enjoying her tea!

Me with my cuppa.

Here is me in a dress from H&M. I really love them at the moment with the Lana Del Rey pieces. This dress was just £19.99 and i just love how it fits my figure.

Dress from Topshop £38. I could not resist this cutey.

Until next time,
Demi xxx


  1. I absolutely adore that Topshop dress! You are such a gem. I love your style so much. Also, I would love to visit a tea room like that sometime. It looks like such fun.

    <3 Melissa

  2. Aww you've made me all homesick for Norwich now! can't wait to escape from the big smoke and go back home soon.

    I love the colour of the h&m dress too, looks gorg on you xx

    Laurie att
    Come Visit <3

  3. ooh i love the red H&M dress, its suits your figure perfectly, also that topshop dress is tdf. I have bot been to Norwich since i was a teen!