Monday 17 September 2012

A week in photo's..

I haven't done a proper post in a few days and so here are a few little snaps of what i have been up to or have purchased over the past week or so. :) I went to the fantastic Vintage Fair in Woodbridge last Saturday and I always come back with a few bargains! Last Thursday I also organised and was in a small Fashion Show showing some of my Vintage collection mainly consisting of my dresses and handbags. I was quite nervous at first but I had alot of fun, a few ladies have a couple of vintage coats and handbags to give me so yay! Doing such an event has slightly inspired me and eventually i would love to host some Vintage events where people can shop, drink, eat and learn a little about Vintage. Just an idea!

Beautiful Vintage Lace Dress from the Woodbridge Vintage Fair. £25. So darling..

Vintage Pill Box Hat. £4.50 Woodbridge Vintage Hair. Such a bargain.

On a trip to Westfield Stratford and the wonderful Victoria's Secret! On the Window Displays they have actual pieces that were worn on the Catwalk!

View of the Olympic Park from Westfield. I will miss the Olympics and i thought i would take a snap just incase any of it changes..

A cheeky Nandos

A couple of my purchases. Trousers £12.99 H&M ( i really love them and i'm not a trousers girl!) Flowers £1.99 H&M Dita Von Teese Art Deco Eye Styler just over £9

Me in my Minty Cardigan from H&M (£17.99) whilst strolling through the park. My dress is Vintage which is also from Woodbridge Vintage Fair a couple of months back.

A face up of me in my first outfit for the Fashion show.

My 1940s look. Dress £29 from ebay. Hat as above! Shoes £15 from a Charity Shop possible 1940s/1950s real leather and made in France, they are a favourite as they go with anything.

Wonderful Art Deco Dita Von Teese Lipstick that I'm very happy to own. I shall do a write up about this in the week. I was so happy that Ipswich Debenhams actually has Dita Von Teese's make up, i was standing there for ages looking and trying out some of her products. It all looks so wonderful and of a great quality, i must buy the powder when my No 7 one runs out! As i purchased the eye styler above, two ladies said i looked like Dita which was very very kind! 

Talking of lipstick here is a great quote by Bette Davis, a Old Hollywood beauty. I have to agree i cannot live without lipstick!

Until next time, lots of love from Demi xxx


  1. Such beautiful clothes! I really need to attend a vintage fair sometime! :)

  2. Lovely photos , those h&m trousers are super nice!! Xx

  3. Another lovely post. The white dress was an absolute bargain. The red outfit was amazing, especially the hat. And I didn't know Dita did make-up. I've got some of the MAC Marilyn make-up waiting for me at Christmas. xx