Monday 3 December 2012

Old Family Photographs

I love taking photographs to capture wonderful memories that I can look back on for many years to come. Recently I have been trying to take as many as I can just like my family used to, they even took pictures when they had a day out at the pub! This post has been inspired by a photograph that my Grandma recently saw, whilst she was watching a presentation on 'Famous Women of Ipswich'. As my Grandma was watching this a picture of her Mother came up, this was my Great Grandma Dorothy! I'm quite obsessed with seeing pictures of my Great Grandma because she looked so glamorous and beautiful, even as she got older she still looked immaculate to me - perfect hair and clothes. I thank her for my love of Vintage, she died when I was 4 but I have a great memory of her and now I get to learn even more about her with the photographs my family have kept. 
Here is the photograph that my Grandma saw, it's in a book called 'Ipswich the War Years'. It was taken when my Great Grandma Dorothy was working in a factory called Ransomes Sims and Jefferies during World War Two. The work was very delicate and vital.I just find this image so fascinating that it's my Great Grandma!
 Here are a couple more of my personal favorites of Dorothy.
This one was taken in the 1940's, I'm in love with the coat and shoes. Dorothy also naturally had wavy hair that you will see in the next two photographs below - hair that i'm very jealous of!
 These next two are of both my Great Parents Harry and Dorothy. Harry was in the Navy during the war, as a person he was also immaculately dressed!
 This one makes me smile immensely and a little teary eyed at times. On the back there are the most sweetest descriptions that my Great Grandad had written, he would call Dorothy his 'Dearest Dot' and would write how much he loved her.
 This is my current Grandma Sylvia when she was in her teens, I love this dress too much. It was handmade and how I wish I could make something like this one day. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I would love to see some of your family favorites!
Love Demi xxx


  1. These are all very lovely. I'm quite obsessed with the early years of photography. It's so fascinating to see how happy and friendly people used to be back then. What else I like about old photographs is that even the everyday snapshots look very interesting and technically very nice. Unlike today's phone pictures.

    When visiting my family in Poland during the summer, I went round my great grandmother's house and she showed me her old family albums from just after the World War 2 because all the photographs from before then got ruined during the War which is very sad. I have seen all the albums before but I still couldn't resist looking through them again. There's a certain magic about old photographs. It really makes me wish that I was born back then.

    As for the photographs in this post, the photograph of your great grandfather holding your great grandmother makes me very happy and smiley. And very curious of what is written at the back of it.

  2. Gosh what a lovely post, thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures!

  3. Great photos. I have to admit going through my Nanas photo album when I visit is a favourite thing to do though they always make me sad as my Nan was widowed in her early 20's with two little ones. It's just heartbreaking as I have never known my grandfather (My dad wasn't even 1 when he died). Thankfully my grandfather was quite famous as a motorcyclist and recently a new book filled with photos of him came out. I am such a sap - I cried so much reading about him. Photos really are priceless.

  4. What lovely photos with amazing memories.
    I have a little collection of vintage photos, wish i had more of my family though
    Thanks for sharing

  5. The dress in the third and fourth pictures are beautiful.
    I always wished old pictures could be in colour, just to see what colours the clothes were haha.
    Lovely post. xx

  6. oh wow, so pretty dresses