Tuesday 11 December 2012

My Swinging Sixties Party Dress

Hello my loves!
It's getting closer to Christmas and time for parties. I love this time of year as there is always a reason to dress up - even more than usual in my case. On Saturday I went to my work Christmas Party and this year I really wanted to go for something different. The past two years both times I had worn black so this year I steered away and went for a pink number! 
I'm so in love with the dress that I found and hope to find many more occasions to wear it, as I feel so wonderful when it's on. 
Here are two photographs of me from that night -
I decided to go for bigger hair than usual to match the decade.
 The dress is a 1960's Cocktail Dress from Prim Vintage Fashion in Norwich.
What makes this dress even more wonderful is that it has a cape!

I had some more photographs taken in daylight - Here you can see the wonderful cape.
 Beautiful detail.
 A great delight about wearing Vintage is that no one else at your party will be wearing your dress and just the wonderful history that your dress holds. I always think of what the 60's Diva would have looked like in my dress and what occasion she wore it for!

If any of you have been celebrating at any Christmas parties and have been wearing some beautiful dresses then I would love to see!
Lots of love Demi xxx


  1. Painfully jealous of your stunning dress! Need something similar desperately. You're stunning

  2. Such a beautiful dress- that cape is amazing! The sixties isn't usually my favourite era, but I absolutely love styling big sixties hair.

  3. This dress is beautiful and the colour suits you perfectly. I fell in love with a beautiful dress in Prim the other week but just don't know if my finances will stretch to a new party dress this holiday season...
    Looking forward to seeing what you wear to any other Christmas parties you have! xxx

  4. You look fab! I'm so jealous, everyone seems to find loveliness in Prim except me - I must have very bad timing! x

  5. You look amazing in that dress
    Love the color

  6. Eeeep what a stunning dress! <3

  7. OH WOW! That dress is soo stunning! Like a 60ies goddess haha. Beautiful!

  8. You look like a goddess of beauty in your outfit, Demi! :) Goodness! Your hairstyle matched with your pink dress giving you a vintage look from head to toe. You're beautiful and that's all i can say, dear!

    Kaylin Herbert