Sunday 25 November 2012

This week

This week has consisted of rather chilly weather, watching movies and plenty of hot drinks! Here are a couple of photographs of my past week.
I have started to practice again with this slight 'updo' hair tucked underneath style which can be worn in different ways. Sometimes I can get this style perfect, I love the sleekness of this style.

 Some like it Hot - one of my all time favorite movies! This was my first Marilyn film that I ever watched and my love for her after this film just grew and grew. No matter how many times I have watched this film, I can never ever get bored of it. Full of love, comedy and drama.
 My youngest sister Sienna turned five! I have three younger sisters and so she is the little baby of us all, already she is eyeing up some of my dresses that she wants me to keep for her.
 Me and two of my lovely friends from work Charlie and Izzy on Saturday.
 Outfit from Saturday - All items are Vintage. The fur coat was passed to me from one of my Grandma's friends, it's from the 1930's . I simply adore it and everyone else seems to also. Underneath I was wearing a black and white pleated polka dot vintage dress, with vintage faux fur hat & vintage handbag. 
I'm very excited for next week, one of my sponsors are sending me my dress so I can't wait to show you all what it looks like! More outfit & hair posts will be up and coming! 
Demi xxx


  1. Such wonderful photos. I love your hair like that, it does look sleek and amazing. Also, that fur coat is a dream! I've been lusting after so day I'll have one.


  2. You look gorgeous and love the hat! ;)

    -French Maid and Cat

  3. I've got an award for ya :)

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