Wednesday 21 November 2012


There is nothing nicer than being surrounded by pretty things when getting ready, therefore I love decorating my room with vintage trinklets. I especially love Vintage grooming pieces, so I thought I would show you my favourite dressing table set today for this post.
I found this three piece in a Charity Shop - Silver Plated & Boxed. I could not resist! I like to place these pieces on my dressing table to add a dashing of old glamour.
 Mirror Mirror on the wall. (hehe! excuse the fuzzy quality)

Today I had not felt well so of course my cure for everything is Tea. I collect teapots and tea cups so here is another tea cup appreciation photo!
Do any of you collect any vintage decoration pieces or teacups? I would adore to see them! 
Demi xxx


  1. Beautiful! I love the hair set! It's perfect and I love how they're silver! I have a very vintage mirror and a few vintage pieces around my room too so I will try to make a post so you can see! Your room is wonderful and so are the teacups! Cute teacups make a girl's day better, haha! :) xoxo

  2. That's so amazingly beautiful !!!

    As soon as I come back to France & settle down I have to buy a vintage grooming set for my boudoir ! I always fancied those ! I love vintage perfume bottle too.... your kit is absolutely ravishing & so are you ;)