Monday 27 August 2012

Twinwood Festival 2012

I have always wanted to go to a Vintage Event of some sort and luckily this year I got to go to Twinwood Festival! I luckily got voted into the Top 10 via Facebook voting for Miss Twinwood 2012, it was quite fun and an experience! I chose a authentic 1940s Dress with lovely scalloping and detailing from Prim Vintage Fashion in Norwich. I would have chosen a typical puffy dress but i wanted to be different and i stand by my choice! The Pageant was quite short but that relieved me as i was so nervous..i had no idea what to expect. 3 winners were chosen that the judges that showed 'different' looks so all 3 girls looked different to each other. It must have been hard for the judges as all the girls looked lovely.
Walking around the festival afterwards I visited the War Museums. I received so many compliments, people were so kind about my dress! Some lovely men in the museum wanted me to win the competition and told me to come back and enter next year! I only got to visit the site for the Sunday but i really enjoyed my short stay and i was sad to leave! I shall be defiantly going next year, more prepared for the grassy and stoney floor especially! As i left a lovely lady approached me telling me to enter the competition again next year and told me i looked lovely. It's just so kind when people say such things so i may just enter again next year as now i know what to expect! 
Now i really want to go to more themed 1940s events. The atmophere is just fantastic. I really recommend to anybody :) 

Here are a couple of photographs of myself! I don't have many great quality ones from the pageant but hopefully some professional ones shall be up online in a couple of days!

 The cars oh show were divine! This one was my favourite.

 1940s housewive. I think i fit in quite well here.

 Bedroom. Inspiration for my bedroom!

Gorgeous clothing on show.

I hope many of you have had a great bank holiday weekend!
Lots of love Demi xx


  1. Hi Demi! I was in the facebook Twinwood contest too, in my 1950s prom dress next to the car. I got 11th place just under qualifying and I was rooting for you even though I ended up not being able to make it to the actual contest. I'm dismayed to hear you didn't win. I love your look. Enter next year please!

    1. Hello Kelly! :) Oh you are so lovely, thank you so much! It was a good experience. I hope you will enter next year also? :) xxx

  2. hey, i nominated you for this ultra cool blogging thing called the Liebster Award: <3