Monday 27 August 2012

First Post!

This is my first post on my new blog! I promise to be more dedicated to this one, after seeing some pretty marvellous blogs around i feel inspired. For my first post i will talk a little about myself..

My name is Demi and I'm 21 years old from Ipswich in Suffolk. Since the age of 14 i have been through many different looks, pretty much disasters but now i have grown out of my teens i have finally found a style to suit me! I have always been fond lover of fashion and i have found the silhouettes from the 1940s and especially the 1950s suit my shape. I adore glamour and dressing up therefore dressing in a 'vintage' style makes me happy. Of course i have not always dressed vintage, as it has been a gradual progression to find what suits me and now i don't see myself dressing in any other way! 
I religiously style my hair everyday either by pin curling or rolling, it has now become a way of life. As oftern and when i can afford i buy 1940s and 1950s dresses, handbags and any other nifty pieces i can find. I also try to source and sell on eBay and would love to be a seller one day. 
I will try to upload tutorials on how i do my hair and make up. I shall also post reviews of my favourite products to recreate vintage looks, including lipsticks and nailvarnish!
Other things about myself is that I'm a big Tea lover! I could drink tea all day, it seriously makes me happy. :)

I hope this blog becomes more interesting and i hope many of you will enjoy what i post!

Lots of love Demi xx


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