Sunday 22 February 2015

HD Brows

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you one of my favourite beauty treatments that I've had done recently which was the 'HD Brows' treatment. As we all know eyebrows are a big thing of the moment, we all seem to be wanting the perfect shape, with many products on the market to help us achieve this! Naturally my eyebrows are very light especially next to my black hair but on the plus side my brows are naturally thick. I was getting really tired of having to colour in my eyebrows every morning, this would be the longest part of my makeup routine. Naturally when I saw HD Brows included tinting I knew I wanted this treatment done. 
Here is a before picture of my eyebrows when I used pencil to enhance the colour and shape. 
The treatment included tinting my eyebrows to compliment my hair colour. Then my eyebrows were measured to created the perfect shape including an arch. Around the shape the hairs were waxed, tweeted & threaded. I found the threading fantastic as a blending technique was done which made my eyebrows smooth & it made them look flawless! The treatment took around 45 minutes including consultation & aftercare. For £25 I thought it was fantastic value for all of these brow treatments & I would highly recommend it. 
Here are my eyebrows after the treatment. 
It's amazing to wake up in the morning with perfect brows, it really does make a difference to my face without makeup. I just add a tiny pencil underline just to the tail of my brows but that's it!
At any HD Brow registered salon they should stock their makeup too. I decided to purchase the 'Brow Beater' which is like a hairspray for your brows. It not only helps keep them in place throughout the day but it helps train them in place naturally. I love this product! 
Let me know if any of you have had this treatment & your thoughts about it!
Until next time lots of love Demi xxx 
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  1. Such eyebrow envy! They look great :)