Wednesday 5 November 2014

Witch Era Are You?

Hello lovelies! As we know it's recently been halloween & i still love to keep my style Vintage. Therefore I was so pleased to see 'Witch Era Are You?' designed by Vintage Styler, different Witch's have been styled throughout the decades! 

Vintage style is one of my favourite online sites for beautiful vintage inspired jewellery & accessories. Here are some of my beautiful pieces from Vintage Styler. 

I would be a 1940s witch. I'm constantly picking between the 1940s & 1950s, yet i love the slightly more tailored look of the 1940s. I love a clean silhouette & lots of attention to the waist, plus careful choice of accessories including bags & jewellery. 

Some of the favourite 1940s Witches.

Veronica Lake

Ava Gardner

So Witch era are you?

Lots of love Demi xx


  1. 1940s witch all the way! So glamorous! Beautiful jewellery by the way, such gorgeous colours :)