Tuesday 24 June 2014

Hair tutorial - Curls & waves.

Hello my sweets! Today I have finally put together & published a quick hair tutorial. This hair tutorial is for how I set my hair everyday, it's quite quick & easy! This style is a 1940s/1950s hairstyle but I have adapted my own pattern. Depending on your hair type & length hair can sit differently. 
This style is best when you leave the rollers in overnight with a dash of setting lotion! 
For best results style on natural hair so it's best to have freshly washed hair. Another tip for the curls the keep hold is to apply some setting lotion throughout the hair. 
For the style you will need a brush, comb, rollers, setting lotion (optional) & hairspray. 

I hope this has been some help to some of you! If you have any questions pop me a comment & I will get back to you. My one piece of advice for vintage style hair is practise! 

                  Love Demi xxx


  1. I loved it! I always do the same thing, using different rollers though. What setting lotion do you use? I'd like to get one, as most of the times I get to use hairspray.

    1. Thank you! I use a setting lotion by derma v 10! but i just use any type i can find! It can really hold in the curls!! xx

  2. Good tutorial Demi ;)


    Love From Paris,

  3. Hey Demi,I love your blog!
    Do you use leave-in or something like that after wash your hair?Or do you just let it dry naturally?