Thursday 15 November 2012

My Make Up Bag

Quite often I'm asked which make up products I use to achieve my day to day look. I'm never seen without my flicked eyeliner, shaped eyebrows and of course lipstick - preferably red.
My Make Up bag consists of quite a few different brands, some more expensive than others but once I find a product that works, it becomes a staple.To me I find products for the skin most important, as there is nothing nicer than having a clear bright healthy complexion. Having a good skincare routine before applying make up is always a must - cleanse, tone and always moisturise. It's a much easier job to blend in your make up and plus your skin will be extra clean and fresh.
So here is a overlook of what I use - 
 From below left to right: Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation, Mac Studio Finish Concealer, ArtDeco Dita Von Teese Compact Powder, 2000 Calorie Max Factor Mascara, No7 Stay Precise Liner. Underneath: Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment Under Eye Concealer, ArtDeco Dita Von Teese Lip Liner 
  Above - These four products above conceal my face pretty well. I'm particularly a fan of the Mac Studio Finish Concealer, I have used this for two years and religiously will always be in my Make Up bag. It's quite thick but blends over any blemish quite lightly, it has great staying power. Another great fact about this concealer is I have only had to buy two pots in two years, it lasts for such a long time. I use this alongside with my other concealer Tick and Treatment by Soap and Glory, it helps to get rid of any dark circles under the eyes.
The Dita Von Teese Face Powder is fantastic if you have pale skin like myself, the powder is ever so soft and light - this powder does exactly what it's says on the tin. Not to forget how beautiful the packaging is. 
I try to wear foundation on a day to day basis and only for special occasions, the Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation gives the skin a beautiful glow whilst perfecting the skin, however I have found the shade a little too much on the warm side.
  Eye Make Up. I will talk about Max Factor, i use the eyebrow pencil and 2000 calorie mascara. The eyebrow pencil is easy to glide along the eyebrows and great for shape as I like to exaggerate my arch, it's my favourite eyebrow pencil so far. The same goes for Max Factor Mascara, I have been using this brand since I was 16 and I usually tend to regret it if i pick a different brand.
I tend not to decorate my eyes too much apart from my flicks, I have only just started to experiment with eyeshadows, at the moment I enjoy neutral colours or light slivers. As a base I use ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base, it's a lovely colour and gives any other eyeshaow I apply staying Power.
Liquid eyeliner of the moment is No 7 Stay Precise, the brush is great at creating perfect flicks.

 Blusher by Avon and Glow All Out Glow Powder by Soap and Glory
 Here is my current selection of Lipsticks. A mix of brands Max Factor, Rimmel, Art Deco and No7. I like a selection of reds, I really like my No7 lipsticks which are Moisture Drench in Siren and Stay Perfect in Cherry.
Here are two shades by the Rimmel Kate Moss collection, I sometimes like a bright pink for a change or an inbetween shade of pink & red.
 Here is me wearing the Kate Rimmel shade is colour '110'. I also thought I could show my hair today as I like to use my days off as time to experiment and perfect styles. Today I felt inspired to try a style often worn by Dita Von Teese, as my hair was misbehaving a little today it's not as perfect as I would like it to be, but on one side (flower side) it worked out just how I wanted. I shall try it out again tonight and post the results and hopefully a tutorial. :)

Lots of love
Demi xxx


  1. I love Rimmel lipsticks! I was always contemplating between trying Kate's new collection but now I shall give it a try.
    Revlon has wonderful lipsticks also! A good variety of matte and sheen shades!
    And I love your shirt! Gorgeous with an 80s feel! You're gorgeous as always!

  2. Amazing blog and amazing style! I love it. I'll definitely come back here.

  3. You have probably been told this a hundrd times, but you look so much like dita.